Simply put, search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to make sure that the right people find you online. These people are potential customers and clients, who are ready to invest in your products/ services. It’s unlikely that you're the only business in your city/country competing for your client’s business. As an expert agency we have an established ourselves as the hub of digital marketing solutions.

That is where we come into the picture. SEO ensures that when a potential buyer searches for something related to your product or services, you are on the first page of Google results. In addition to that, SEO also works towards building your website ranking on all the different search engines. We assure quality SEO for top ranking of our clients' websites.

The perfect website will get you way ahead of your competitors, thereby giving you an upper hand in achieving the company's goals and allowing you to create an impactful impression online. In this globalized culture of internet where people search the web for literally everything; pamphlets, newspaper ads and hoardings are all obsolete. This gives you all the more reason to invest in creating a solid website for your company. Here at Digital Wolf we use the most advanced methods to create websites with talented designers to ensure that your website makes your business stand out like a beacon in this crowded market filled with competition.

The website acts as a reflection of any company's capability and competence and becomes the driving force of the company while attracting new clients. And therefore the design of your website is very crucial to impact your target audience.

Digital Wolf works at the intersection of technology and marketing. Both are intertwined when it comes to promoting a brand online. Social Media platforms offer a wide plethora of marketing potential. With advancement in technology, brand information has landed on the palms of people's hands. They can access information by watching Facebook and Instagram ads at any time.

Our team of social media experts studies your brand's target audience and accordingly works towards marketing them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and many more. We have a very objective oriented service. First we begin with identifying the effective platforms and then start with planning the performance activity. This includes posting content and ads relevant to your product/services. With constant sharing of these activities the reach of your service would definitely increase and flood you with new customers.

Facebook is the biggest and most engaging platform on internet. With over two billion users from all walks of life and with a variety of age group; your prospect of attracting customers is highest here.

Everyone is talking about Facebook marketing but very few know how to successfully turn a page with few likes into a booming customer attracting forum. P.S. just having a Facebook page is not enough. We work strategically to build a productive engaging customer and fan base out of your page with definite increment in the sales of your products/ services. At Digital Wolf we can help you develop a highly functional Facebook campaign which would generate viable leads.

What is PPC? Believe it or not but Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the easiest methods to attract your potential customers online directly. With PPC the right customers are notified at the right time. When you search something on Google and the first few links that pop up are a direct result of PPC. Our services would help your website rank among those top results on Google.

If done properly, PPC can generate tangible returns.

YouTube is the second most used popular platform after Google. With more than a billion viewers gluing themselves to the craze of video content; it accounts for an excellent medium of advertising.

Whether you want to monetize your channel and increase your reach or you want to advertise your business-- we are ready for everything. Being a YouTube content creator it might get difficult to gain enough views and subscribers considering the tough competition. Worry not! Our team has got you covered. We will help you increase the reach of your channel and get you the popularity you deserve.

By putting your brand's identity on YouTube you are inviting a whole wave of potential customers who would be interested to invest in your product/ service. Join hands with us and we will help your business get full advantage of the massive revolution that YouTube is as a video streaming platform.

Just the presence of a website is no longer sufficient to connect with your online audience. App designing is the requirement of the hour. In this manner people will be able to access your services on the go and at any time. We develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms; this is to ensure best user experience for each platform. If you desire to enhance your potential customer engagement and lead conversion rates, our mobile application designing & development service is the best for you! This will also keep you a step ahead from your competitors.

Along with developing apps, we also design the UI (User Interface). We first understand your unique brand identity requirements and then proceed with custom app development. The best quality that you will appreciate about us is that we work parallel to your vision and at the most affordable costs.

We believe in valuable and viable app designing. We will help you create a high performance mobile app and spurt your digital marketing efforts. We also believe in not just meeting your expectations, but rather exceeding them.

Logo is the heart and soul of a brand's identity. In order to establish a 'lasting first impression' a powerful yet insightful logo is must for any business. The way we remember people with their personalities; similarly businesses are remembered by their logos. Are you looking for a unique and creative logo that speaks volumes for your brand's quality? If the answer is yes then Digital Wolf is the place for you.

We understand that a logo is the very first impression that is created on a customer's mind. Our team of graphic designers is aimed towards designing a custom and remarkable logo for your brand. The highly creative professional designers at Digital Wolf curate stunning logos that positively reflect the idea and spirit of your business.

CMS stands for Content Management System where multiple users with different project objectives co-exist. More than a system it works as a web-based application which is a hub for all the collateral efforts. Digital Wolf has specialized in designing open source, easy-to-access and use, highly robust and scalable CMS and solutions for all kinds of firms and businesses.

We focus on creating the system quick to adapt and easy to use at the same time.

We build content management systems mostly utilizing open source technology for projects. The foremost advantage is that modular access capabilities allows one to control which employees can access and see; also they will be able to use only the tools you wish for them to use.

Have been working with digital wolf since more than a year... Prompt, efficient, smart, honest and hard working- they have all that a client expects from am agency... good luck to all digitalwolves....

Subhadip Ghosh Marketing Head of Moople (Institute of Animation & Design)

Quick response and best support, my personal experience says it's going to beat the competitors in very less time as they are approaching towards the Digital marketing field with unique and fresh ideas.

Thanks for the various solutions and suggestions. Strongly recommended, just go for it 👍

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